Colonial Surfer - The ReSearch is a project about the contemporary globalized world and power structures within the surf industry and its realm. Surfing is not just a sport but also culture, producer and distributor. In current discussions you hear about the post-colonial but the situation today is better described as neo-colonial. Surfers do travel a lot and sometimes to places unknown to other tourists. The way surfers behave and represent themselves in the adventures search of perfect waves has a lot in common with ancient colonizers and their roles. To surf maintain and conserve already existing structures. History.

Editor: Kristoffer Svenberg

Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Are Greater Than I

“We are greater than I.” Yes, I can agree on that. I guess we all can agree on that. But when this WE, is a way to narrow norm, it’s not just that great. What WE are in this video is not just anyone. Let me be the party crasher. Let me be the troll. But this video is very much about an “I”. Even though there are people from different areas in the world, girls and boys in this commercial there is an obvious I. Try to read the pictures more carefully and tell me what you see. I am a man in this video. The “I” is a white western man. The “I” is a successful white muscular western man setting up standards about the norm. The norm in this video is that I, and if there is a greater we in this video, that we, or us, are working on worshipping that I. We are that I. We are worshipping that I.  We are greater than I. But I am the norm in this surf video. I am the norm that we are surfing on, or trying not to get whitewashed in. I am the direction in this commercial. I am not free.