Colonial Surfer - The ReSearch is a project about the contemporary globalized world and power structures within the surf industry and its realm. Surfing is not just a sport but also culture, producer and distributor. In current discussions you hear about the post-colonial but the situation today is better described as neo-colonial. Surfers do travel a lot and sometimes to places unknown to other tourists. The way surfers behave and represent themselves in the adventures search of perfect waves has a lot in common with ancient colonizers and their roles. To surf maintain and conserve already existing structures. History.

Editor: Kristoffer Svenberg

Monday, September 30, 2019


SCREENSHOT. Actual wallpaper pic on the Christian surf organization Walking on Waters site in 2008. I’m asking: What about representation? The world belongs to? Walking on water were a missionary organization from 1995-2018.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Surf culture?

Surf culture is a bit cringe. To make surf art is a bit cringe. But whether something is cringing or not, should not matter within art. Does it matter within surf culture?

Monday, September 9, 2019

My position does not differ

I find myself operating through a white European gaze that is intended to get criticized and discussed in the project. This is partly through how I document my surroundings with camera, photography, and video. My gaze and perspective are inherited and constructed through experience and underlying structural history. I place myself in situations that, in problematic ways, produce, or make visible, some of these blameworthy hierarchical cultural structures.

In some ways, my position does not differ much in this project from roles that anthropologists historically have got a lot of targeted criticism for. But I bind and tie myself up, suspend myself, regarding representational issues. I view and consider the surfer, the gaze of the surfer and a context through myself acting in a performance. No matter how I turn this in context, I do this from an outside perspective, but at the same time, especially from what I represent, from the inside. I'm not an active Christian at all, but from a global perspective, regarding representation, I am. But is Christian religion the crucial point of departure in this work?

We all live our lives in contexts made up of different ideologies. If we don´t agree on that, it shows nothing but that we are unable to see. The ideologies that affect us most are those we take so much for granted, that we cannot read or reveal them ourselves. We have no tools or possibilities to defend ourselves against those ideologies.